Wire money anytime, anywhere - across town or across the globe.

Wire money anytime, anywhere - across town or across the globe.

Wire Transfers

We make it easy to send or receive money quickly and securely.

Receiving wired money

At Ardent Credit Union, our wire transfer services are a convenient way to move money around the world. To send money to an Ardent account, provide this information to the outgoing bank:

Wire to:

Ardent Credit Union
1601 Cherry Street, Suite 2000
Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA
ABA Routing Number: 236087664


Your name

Account number: Your Ardent Credit Union member number and the account number to deposit the wire funds (as a reminder for your account numbers, the “01” account is your savings account and your checking account is either “02” or “04”).

All wires received before 2:00 p.m. will be credited to the account that same day. Wires received after 4:00 p.m. will be credited to the account on the following business day.

Members wiring money into Ardent from a foreign bank may be asked to provide our SWIFT bank code (for Canada only) and IBAN for all other countries, because foreign banks are accustomed to using them. We do not have one and it is not necessary in order to wire money to us.

Sending domestic wires

You'll need to provide the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • ABA routing/transit number of the receiving financial institution
  • Final Beneficiary Name and Account Number

If applicable, you will also need the name of the secondary financial institution or company where the funds need to be routed and their account number with the receiving financial institution.

Ardent sends domestic wire transfers through the Federal Reserve. Once the transfer has been sent, it is up to the receiving financial institution to credit the appropriate account.

Sending international wires

Make sure you contact the receiving financial institution and get all of the details you need to send an international wire. You'll likely need to collect some or all of the following information:

  • Name and address of the financial institution to receive funds
  • Any financial institutions the funds may be routed or payable, through Swift Number, Sort Code, Routing Number, Bank Code, or other identifying code for the beneficiary's financial institution
  • Branch information
  • Final beneficiary name and address
  • Final beneficiary account number or IBAN Number

Please note: Foreign wires are usually sent through correspondent banks which also charge a fee for processing the wire. The correspondent bank fees are deducted from the amount of the wire. Once the funds leave the U.S. banking system and are out of the country, Ardent Credit Union does not control the process. Depending on the sophistication of the banking system of the country to which the wire is being sent, it can take anywhere from two days to several weeks before it is credited to the account in the foreign country. However, a general guideline would be one to three weeks. Ardent does not guarantee an arrival time. Ardent can send either U.S. dollars or foreign currency. If the wire is sent in U.S. dollars, a correspondent bank will do the currency exchange. Ardent does not have any control over the exchange rate used. If the wire is sent in foreign currency, the currency exchange is done by Ardent.

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