SecurLOCKTM Your Ardent Cards 

Now, you can turn your credit and debit cards on/off and receive instant transaction alerts, using your smartphone and the free SecurLOCK app. All you have to do is download the app from the Apple or Android store, set up a username and password, and then register your Ardent debit and credit cards.

Keep Your Cards Secure
SecurLOCK allows you to turn a card off if you misplace it, turn it back on when you find it, set geographic boundaries based on your phone, set transaction alerts, and continually watch for fraud.

  • Turn your cards on and off
  • Receive instant transaction notification
  • Set transaction spending limits

International Travelers
For your added protection, you will still need to call to let us know you will be traveling so your card works properly. SecurLock will not override any credit union level foreign country blocks.

As always, if you suspect fraud, call us immediately.

Recurring Transactions
Adding to your peace of mind, recurring transactions, such as automatic bill payments and monthly charges to your credit card will continue to go through even if your card is “turned off.”

Your Phone is Supported
As long as you’re using an Android device running 4.1 or later or an iPhone running iOS 6 or later, your can download and use SecurLOCK.

Download the free SecurLOCK app for your Apple or Android smartphone and add your Ardent debit and credit cards, today. Have questions? Give us a call, start an online chat, or stop by any branch.